Fotini-Niovi Pavlidou

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Short Bio

Fotini-Niovi Pavlidou received the Diploma degree in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering and the PhD degree from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh), Greece, in 1979 and 1988 respectively. She is now a Full professor at the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) in AUTh where she is engaged in research, lectures (author of books and lecture notes in greek), laboratory courses and supervision of Doctorate dissertations in Mobile Communications, Telecommunications Networks and Satellite Communications. Her research interests include traffic analysis and design (MAC protocols and routing techniques) of wireless (terrestrial, satellite, ad hoc, sensor) networks, performance evaluation and QoS studies of mobile satellite communications and multimedia applications over the Internet.

She is the author of more than 150 papers in international journals and conferences. She is a permanent reviewer in many IEEE/IEE and other international journals, has been involved in various editorial activities, she is a reviewer for book publishers, reviewer for research projects for various funding organizations. She is permanently included in the Technical Program Committee of many IEEE conferences and has been the organizer and Technical Program Chair of a number of conferences. Prof. Pavlidou was invited in many conferences for lectures and she has served as external Advisor for the promotion of many academics worldwide. Prof. Pavlidou is involved in many European and National Projects.

Prof. Pavlidou has held several academic and consolatory positions. She is serving as a Member of the Council of AUTh (2012-). She has served as Director of the Division of Telecommunications at the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (2003-2005). She has also served as Vice-President at the same department (2005-2007). She is a member of the Board of Directors in the Research Academic Computer Technology Institute, Patras Greece. She is serving as an alternative member to the Managing board of "Alexander Zone of Innovation S.A", Thessaloniki, Greece (2010-)

Prof. Pavlidou has been the Delegate of Greece in the European COST Program on Telecommunications (1998-2004) and served as Chairperson for the COST262 Action "Spread Spectrum Systems and Techniques in Wireless and Wired Communications". She has served as an Expert for Greece in the FP7 Cooperation Program in the ICT theme (2007-2010), and as a representative of GSRT in the Public Authorities Board (PAB) of the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking (2008-2010). She is currently serving as a national delegate for the FP7 Capacities Program on SMEs.

She is a founding member of the GSRT Network for Women Scientists "PERIKTIONI" and the Center for Space, Technology and Gender of the Faculty of Technology at Aristotle University.

She has been involved in a series of activities with the Technical Chamber of Greece (1980-1996) and she served as a member of the board of the Greek Society of Operations Research (1990-1996).

She is a Senior Member of IEEE (Communications and Vehicular Technology Society), member of many Technical IEEE Committees, and she has been the chairperson of the Joint VTS & AESS Greece Chapter (1999-2012). She is serving as Membership Development (MD) Officer for the IEEE Greece Section (2009-2012), she is the Officer for the Continuing Education (CE) for the IEEE Region 8 (2011-) and the Coordinator of Educational Activities Subcommittee (EASC) for Region 8 (2013-). Also, she is a member of the IEEE Section Outreach Committee (SEOC) of the Educational Activities Board (EAB) (2013-).